Indoor-Outdoor Table Top Chime - Lotus


Crafted with ancient wisdom and discerning design, LAOLA chimes are made from the highest quality materials and are engineered for sound tonality to increase flow and positive chi. Enjoy the sounds of our chimes throughout your home as they help restore harmony to your space, mind and body. Our Lotus Indoor-Outdoor Table Top chime is intended to slow down your thoughts. Choose the health (white), wealth (green) or love (rose) wand to tap one pipe at a time as you set your attention. Repeat throughout your day as needed.  DO NOT TAP STONE TO METAL.

Size & Materials

Made from 100% anodized aluminum, wood and colored stones

The L-frame is 11 inches (H) x 8.5 inch (W). The base of the L-frame is 6 inches (H) x 10 inches (W).