Connect Mind, Body, And Home

“Harmony is a beautiful balance between mind, body, and soul measured in tender peaceful moments.”
Melanie Koulouris

Harmony is the foundation of everything we do. Connecting mind, body and home creates a true wellness that unlocks clarity, empowerment, and peace. Infusing your environment with opportunities to shift, recenter and connect in daily life opens up unlimited potential. LAOLA chimes are intentionally designed to fuse beautiful aesthetics with the fundamentals of Feng Shui to achieve harmony.


Putting The Fun In Feng Shui by SoFlo Home

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The Elements


Fire is a powerful element tied to action, passion, and fame. It’s great for attracting clients, improving your social life, and supports getting your light out in the world. This is an important element to balance. Fire can elevate strong creative energy but can also burn if left unchecked.


Earth is associated with stability and security in both relationships and business. It is used to keep you grounded and safe.


Water is associated with abundance, prosperity, movement, cleansing, purification, and the flow of emotions. It is important to focus on the calming and soothing effects of water rather than the crashing waves.


Metal is associated with focus and clarity. By adding metal to your routine, it helps you to stay on track.


Wood is symbolic of new life, expansion, creativity, and health. It is needed to help you grow.

5 Elements

All five elements are needed to help you tap into your full chi, operate at your full potential, and vibrate at a higher frequency. As we unlock our highest selves, we become more efficient, productive and attract positive energy and results.

Decor that is as intentional as it is beautiful

Anyone can benefit from our chimes — whether you’re a Feng Shui master, novice or just appreciate the practice of setting intentions and shifting energy in your life. We’ve designed these chimes to help you bring love, health and wealth to your space by tapping into some of the basic principles of an ancient practice.


Ancient & modern use of chimes

Chimes were first used in ancient Asia (and can be traced back to 1100 B.C.) to ward off negative energy and disease. By harnessing the energy of sound waves, one could restore positive energy and attract good luck. Feng Shui practitioners and new age wellness advocates alike have continued the tradition of using chimes to shift the energy in a space to bring peace and tranquility to the home, mind and body

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